About me

Perth Copywriter - Naomi Faye.jpg

What do I know?

When you hire a copywriter you want to know they can actually write.

Don’t worry. Besides being a word nerd, I’m also qualified.

I have a degree in Professional Writing and Publishing, and Literary and Cultural Studies from Curtin University. I also have a Diploma of Business Marketing.

What about work experience?

I began my career in the marketing department of  a recruitment agency where I learned how to write the perfect job ad.

After a stint in London, I returned and started writing about music in publications like, Xpress and The Brag.

I landed a job at Scoop Publishing – an awesome opportunity. I wrote for magazines in the lifestyle series, covering art, travel and entertainment.

When Scoop sadly closed its doors, I began the business of copywriting.

Why I love it?

I love exploring other people's passions, and figuring out how best to express their stories.

Being an introvert, I didn't expect meeting new people would be a highlight. But since I started this journey the conversations I've had with business owners have reiterated what I want from my own life.

Fun Facts...

  • I have a big, brown suitcase filled with 25 years' worth of notebooks hidden under my bed. I'm constantly writing.

  • I'm an obsessive reader. When I'm not writing, I'm scouring the local book shop for my next favourite read, obsessively updating my goodreads account, or writing book reviews on instagram (yep, I write in my spare time too!)

  • My deadline song is Nina Simone's Feeling Good. No matter how stressed, tired or "over it" I am, when I play this baby I'm writing like a madwoman.

  • I'm drawn to ambiguity, like indie movies with no real ending.

  • I'm obsessed with prisons.

  • I worship vegetables. I just became vegan.

  • I watch The Sopranos over and over again, and am SO in love with Tony, it's sick.

  • My guilty pleasure is Keeping up with the Kardashians...but I try not to feel too guilty about it.

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